Intersect Media Solutions

Need more big ideas for your next marketing campaign? Check out Intersect Media Solutions, a full service marketing research and media planning company that places advertising in any market and in any media - from specialized newspaper advertising (such as post-it notes, inserts and spadeas) to broadcast TV, radio, email, outdoor, mobile, and social media networks. Intersect Media Solutions, also a subsidiary of the Florida Press Association, will put your business on the map, anywhere and in any media.


What is Reach Florida?

Reach Florida is a service that sells advertising in more than 100 Florida daily and community newspapers and 27 local community websites. Four networks are available, each offering a one-stop shop for advertisers looking for a statewide reach at a fraction of published rates.

What is the Reach Florida advantage?

Reach Florida advertisers reach more Floridians with a single ad buy than any other medium in the state, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional media outlets.

What are the other advantages of using a Reach Florida advertising network?

The broad reach, the tremendous cost savings, and the simplicity of ad placement and billing are the main benefits of the Reach Florida advertising networks. No other organization offers the one-stop shopping opportunity and the ability to get your message into Florida’s most influential advertising mediums available today – newspapers in print and online.

What kinds of networks are available from Reach Florida?

Four distinct networks are available to businesses depending on the type of advertising they are looking to place. Two of the networks – Classified and Metro Daily are for select Classified print advertisers.* Classified includes 102 community newspapers while the Metro Daily network that includes 22 of the largest newspapers in the state.

Advertisers using the Display network can place ROP (Run of Press) advertising in the regular printed pages of 92 weekly and daily newspapers. Finally, the Online ad network includes advertising on 27 websites associated with Florida’s leading community newspapers.

What if I don’t need to reach all of Florida?

Using Reach Florida’s Classified and Display networks, advertisers can target their reach to North, Central and South Florida for an even greater cost savings.

What if I want to reach people outside of Florida?

Reach Florida has established relationships with 45 similar ad networks serving nearly all 50 states that can extend the reach of your advertising. Download the Out-of-State Advertising Rate Card

What types of advertisers are using Reach Florida’s advertising networks?

The Classified and Metro Daily ad networks are perfect for schools and training facilities, auctions, financial institutions, real estate professionals and those in legal professions, particularly adoptions.
The Display and Online ad networks work well for retailers, insurance, medical services, satellite TV providers, tourism, events, and not-for-profits.
In short, if your business is not limited to a specific geography, the Reach Florida advertising networks are for you.

Which media properties participate in Reach Florida’s advertising networks?

Most of Florida’s daily and community newspapers are a part of one or more Reach Florida ad networks. Large dailies, such as The Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times, and Orlando Sentinel anchor Reach Florida’s Display and Metro Daily classified networks. While the Classified and Online ad networks are comprised of a large group of well-read community newspapers. See the rate cards for a complete list.

What sizes of advertising are accepted by each network?

The Classified Network includes 102 community newspapers and a readership of 5.8 million. The Metro Daily classified ad network includes 22 of Florida’s largest dailies and a readership of nearly 5.9 million. Rates for both of these networks are based on 25 words or less but additional words are available at $10 each.
The Display Network includes 92 weekly and daily newspapers and offers four ad sizes to run inside the pages of participating newspapers: 2 columns x 2”, 2 columns x 4”, 2 columns x 6” and 3 columns x 5”.
Finally, the Online ad network is comprised of 27 community newspaper websites across the state. Two ad units are available – a 728x90 banner ad and a 300 x 250 large rectangle.